Patient Speaks... Good Asthma control needs a healthy Doctor Patient Relationship, learn more

This is a 48 yearold School Physical Instructor presented to us with uncontrolled Bronchial Asthma. He has been visitng Apex Goverment Institute but was not able get relief because so many factors. He was so disillussioned and decided to live his life with distress as he had no clues what to do? and started thinking about the future of family. He was unhappyand lost hope.He was disturbed because of so many reasons:
 He was not explained adequately about  the chronicity of disesase and role of long term inhalation "LABA & ICS"
No 2
 Every time a new doctor was attending him and there was no scope for a healthy long term doctor patient relationship.
No 3
No proper Inhalation and Device education was provided to him.
No 4
 Importance of home monitoring with a simple Peak flow meter was not stressed upon.
Importance of trigger mananagement was not discussed.
 & last but not the least
 No emphasis on disesase perception called illneess and  lack of couselling and  assurrance for  a good control with safe long term modern medications.

To conclude,he missed Empathy in his relationship with doctors.
We received him few years back at SAANS foundation and addressed all these issues.
He started improving and now maintaining a symptom free live
 learn more and hear from him
Patient Speaks 2


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