Scope of services at SAANS Foundation

Scope of Services

1.Centre for Airway Diseases 2.Centre for Allergy & Immunotherapy 3.Centre for Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases 4.Centre for Tuberculosis 5.Centre for Pulmonary Vascular Diseases 6.Centre for Pulmonary Function testing 7.Centre for Interventional Bronchoscopy
8.Centre for Sleep Medicine
9. Centre for Critical Care
10.Centre for Day Care
11.Centre for Rehabilitation & Wellness
12.Centre for Academics Training and Research

SAANS @ At Homes A Complete Home Health Care Solution

The elderly Indian population is one of the fastest growing in the world. At 110 million, India has the second largest global population of ageing citizens. The fastest-growing segment of the population is the 85-and-older age group. Despite advances in health care, many elderly people have chronic, incurable progressive diseases and need assistance with the activities of daily living. They need structured program and support to be more functional and “active. Long-term medical care, whether it be for the sick/recuperating post-surgery or the aged, is best carried out in the environs of the home, for reasons of patient-comfort, logistical convenience and economy. But to constantly monitor the condition of the patient and provide medicate at the appropriate time, the two vital requirements are professionally-competent personnel and optimal use of technology. But more important, they need a positive attitude to overcome illness as they are lonely and majorly depressed. We at “SAANS” dev…

World Asthma Day 2019 Activities by SAANS

SAANS World Asthma Day Activities
1. Our paramedic Asthma educators are involved in dissemination knowledge about asthma
2. Trigger management were stressed using charts
3. Role of ACT questionnaire at the initial asthma diagnosis was stressed
4. Role of peak flow mete in objective monitoring was strongly recommended
5. Myths about steroid were discussed and long term usage of preventive inhalation steroids were emphasised
6. Role of paramedics and Saks ham educators training on Attitude, Skill and Knowledge were discussed in patient management program
7. STOP for Asthma was highlighted
“S “for symptoms, “T”for triggers,” O” for observation and” P” for prevention

Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Kyphoscoliosis with Severe Respiratory dysfunction

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Kyphoscoliosis is a thoracic cage deformity that causes extrapulmonary restriction of the lungs and gives rise to impairment of pulmonary functions, The best treatment for patients with chronic respiratory dysfunction secondary to severe kyphoscoliosis are
1. Pulmonary Rehabilitation with SAANS Breathing Techniques
2. spinal support
3. Non Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilatio

Management of Childhood Asthma

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These tips can put you on the right path.
1.Have a plan and stick to it. Your child should have an asthma action plan
2.Take medicines as prescribed through spaceror a huff and puff kit.
3. Identify and avoid triggers. 
4.Make sure your child gets a yearly flu vaccine. 
5. Use peak flow meter for asthma monitoring 
6. Know the signs of a flare-up.
7. Know what to do for a severe flare-up.
8. never panic and parents should understand the disease and self management plan

Know your Disease " Diabetes Mellitus", understand diabetes in simple Hindi language

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Diabetes mellitus refers to a group of metabolic diseases which affect your sugar metabolism. Glucose is vital to your health because it's an important source of energy for the cells that make up your muscles and tissues. Brain also needs glucose for energy.
The glucose burns under the shadow of insulin. insulin is released from pancreas. Glucose from blood can be mobilised through insulin. Insulin is the cart which carries insulin. Qualitative or quantitative deficiency of insulin is cause for diabetes.
India has become the diabetic capital of world partly due to genetic reasons and majorly due to foods with high glycemic index, lack of exercise and poor lifestyle. But, no matter what type of diabetes you have, it can lead to excess sugar in your blood. Too much sugar in your blood can lead to serious health problems.Chronic diabetes conditions include type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes can affect …

DR Bose speaking on World COPD Day

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Living with COPD It makes it difficult for you to breathe, and you might find everyday tasks a real challenge. Millions of people across the globe have COPD and don’t even know it. They’re struggling with their symptoms and a lower quality of life. Their condition is progressing quickly because they’re not receiving treatment. Let’s raise awareness of COPD, find the missing millions and help people get the treatment and support they deserve.